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From illustration to editorial design, art director in advertising agencies and design studios and currently pursuing my M.A. - Integrated Design, most of my experience has been providing brand design and consultancy for identity and services associated with the edible universe.

As a master student at the Köln International School of Design (KISD), I’m researching about the coca plant as a superfood,
as well as the food ecosystems and the political and historical background related to it. I adopt a critical perspective in sustainability and cultural matters, thus I’m working on developing a public space to re-think design and how it correlates with what we eat, how to use it to achieve better social welfare, and the role of designers in the age of food waste and the era of global boiling.

I love to tell stories about food in my daily life: usually accompanied with illustrations and pictures from food scenes. My love for food was built inside my culture: Colombian gastronomy reflects a wide ethnic, cultural, natural and geographical diversity, which makes it a fundamental part of my identity. My connection with it is synaesthetic and emotional and the outcome is poetic, inspiring reflection upon the act of eating and the origins of what we eat. I eat more with my eyes than with my mouth. :)

Laura Lucia Torres design
Graphic Design
Editorial / Illustration
2004 — Present
Art Director for Food Brands
April 2011 — Oct 2013
Brand Design
Food & Crafts
Jun 2017 — Present
Food by design
MA / Research
Mar 2021 — TBC

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