brand design

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Personal project

This freelance project provided the ideal opportunity to establish a distinctive brand in a highly competitive market. The primary goal was to change the perception of Colombia as a foreign country and to associate it with positive values that reflect our culture and identity. To achieve this, I focused on promoting handcrafted coffee, food, art, crafts, music, and friendly and cheerful people. I developed a concept around coffee that adheres to the American business model of speed and quality, akin to Starbucks and Subway, but with Colombian products and a traditional service approach.

The jeeps played a significant role in establishing coffee as one of the country's most important economic commodities, ultimately becoming a cultural symbol of pride. That’s why the Jeep was chosen as the primary symbol in the logo.

The traditional model of a coffee shop in the United States seeks to differentiate itself from the others by offering small variations of the traditional model. However, there is still a great opportunity for market penetration, with an alternative that offers a unique experience around one of the best coffees in the world and integrates the concept of Colombianness into the business model.

The target group of Colcoffee is well balanced between Americans and US-based Colombians, so we tried to define common characteristics to reach these people and bring them together under a seamless visual design and experience.
Passion (Service)

A coffee that embodies the Colombian spirit of happiness, socializing, passion, and joy. The environment is fresh, with great vibes and high-quality service.

Tradition (Product)

The best coffee shop in the world, 100% high-quality Colombian coffee with light meals and traditional Colombian recipes.

Diversity (Brand)

A place where we celebrate the cultural diversity, the ancestral wisdom, the authenticity of the work and craftsman-ship, and the beauty of the Colombian geography. A place with an ideal atmosphere to share and inspire ideas.

Brand design & Identity

Colcoffee is centered on the artisan culture of the coffee-growing areas of the country, as well as on traditional graphics. Its purpose is to provide a hyperlink to Colombian coffee culture, using geographic and ethnographic landscapes, symbols, and representative cultural images.

Implementation: packaging

In addition to the key visual and brand design, we look forward to implementing sustainable packaging, which must meet specific requirements when responsibly designed. They must meet the following requirements:

·Throughout their life cycle, they are both effective and safe.
· Their performance and cost meet the market criteria.
· These products are made using solely renewable energy sources.
· After being used, these items can be included in a circular economy, providing valuable resources for subsequent users.
· Throughout their life cycle, it is important that they are made using harmless materials. The design of the object should be optimized to enhance the use of materials and energy.
· These items can be recovered, recycled, or reused.