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The Cla@se platform for knowledge management is the fusion between a library of resources and the space for the exchange of experiences, which is why it is presented as an opportunity to centralize the wide range of knowledge derived from CLAC’s research work, as well as the knowledge that is developed day by day in the field and the different means of production.

Logo design: Sacred symbols

Agriculture has been instrumental in promoting the growth and economy of Central and Latin America. I created a brand inspired by the Nahua glyphs, a local indigenous writing system.  The agricultural practices employed in that region resulted in advancements in trade, science, and economics, as well as fostering cooperation and shared beliefs. As they transitioned to a sedentary lifestyle and continued with primitive agriculture, they developed a reverence for nature and the elements, such as the sun, rain, wind, mountains, water, and more. This reverence had humble beginnings but grew into something meaningful.

From these and other images such as the spiral, the logo develops into four main pictograms or ideograms: society and nature, community and individuality, beings of nature, and diversity.

The rhombus is one of the most symbolic figures among the Indigenous population in El Salvador. It represents the womb where life begins: if it is broken it represents death. The square has been associated with farmland, place of dwelling, etc. while the center and concentricity are features that indicate expansion. The spiral sign "pachacuti" of Andean cosmology indicates the notion of a cycle that is a return to the same beginning and growth by units or stages of development.

Brand design

Claase incorporates various graphic elements, including icons, spots, oval shapes, and illustrations, along with suggested social media icons. This cohesive system ensures consistency throughout all their communications and products that represent the Claase brand. The approach is both organized and elegant, emphasizing a refined, yet local aesthetic.

The color palette conveys multiple characteristics of representative products sponsored across the CLAC platform, such as sugar cane and plantain, typical Central American Caribbean features like sand and sea, and mountains across the Latin-American landscape. Also, specific social terms related to fairness, soil, and organic products.

The activities derived from the EU project, include the updating and redesign of two of its platforms, Claase and Progreso Network, turning them into a single platform for knowledge management.

The new brand was meant to be implemented in various online platforms. It starts with the CLAC Virtual Classroom for training and education of both the internal and external public of the organization, which was before two different platforms. The change towards a single virtual platform was the main reason for an evolution in the design of its logo that represents its purpose.

This new platform seeks to cover the new technological and information needs of CLAC, its member organizations, and their communities.Similarly, the development of the Instagram feed was planned to match the rest of the design and attract the target audience, in line with the projection of the new brand, to consolidate the virtual presence.

Applications and other assets

The analog implementation wasn't just about copying the online presence. It was a deliberate extension, turning the digital identity into real, memorable assets. This helped strengthen the brand's presence and leave a lasting impression both online and offline.

Think globally, act locally

The process of creating this brand was a beautiful experience that helped me understand the needs of a group of incredible people who work on the land and have organized themselves to establish fair trade practices. Their humble and sensitive connection with the Earth inspired me to incorporate ritual elements, sacred symbols, and unique imagery from the region into my work. I believe that the greatest treasure of this project was being able to showcase a local Latin American visual language to elevate a brand that has global relevance.

outline of the project
3 Branded platforms
20+ Corporate applications
Brands manual for each brand
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