Museum Köln

Analogous UX design

Chocolate, analogous design, user experience
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As a freelancer for Superblau, I had the chance to utilize the sensory potential of Cologne’s Schokoladenmuseum brand for its 30th anniversary. My goal was to refresh the brand’s key visual, creating a memorable and indulgent chocolate experience that promotes customer loyalty and recognition through a prominent visual.

How can we better communicate the brand values and stand out among tourism providers? In collaborative workshops, two brand concepts were
defined, iterated
closely, and tested
by users.
the great diversity within the brand

The Chocolate Museum stands for chocolate. But also for much more: It is a landmark of the city of Cologne, it has an educational mission, is the first climate-neutral museum in the city to be strongly committed to sustainability, and offers its visitors a wide range of entertainment. The biggest challenge was to express this diversity in the brand identity, represented by the key visual, while at the same time ensuring a pointed and strong brand communication.

To explore the potential for further development of the brand identity, we utilized the brochure as a primary means of communication, in addition to the website. This brochure, available in three languages, plays a crucial role in our marketing strategy, highlighting the importance of physical touchpoints and serving as a starting point for the new brand concept.

Design: Kickstart the brand’s future journey

A new branding was created with both visual and textual elements. This was then integrated into the design of the flyer as an example. The flyer boasts bold hues of deep chocolate brown, complemented by playful accents of bright oranges and bold pinks, giving it a dynamic visual presence. This strategic color palette not only highlights important key elements but also gives the flyer a youthful and contemporary character. 

The brochure, designed to resemble a chocolate bar, combines high-quality motifs from the museum context, delicious textures, and high-quality typography.
Summary: Expanding to a younger audience
Working together with Superbalu and the Museum staff, we tapped into the topic and envisioned a poetic journey through chocolate, personally explored the museum, and engaged in open and honest conversations with stakeholders. We developed a relatable journey map that shed light on our current position. This created a perfect opportunity to connect and involve them in the re-design process. We highlighted the potential to expand our audience to a younger one and emphasized how this positive transformation could benefit both the museum and the city of Cologne. By collaborating closely, we embraced a shared vision of growth and improvement.